Building Community & Connection 

As we BELIEVE THE UNBELIEVABLE AND RECIEVE THE IMPOSSIBLE. BECAUSE IT IS DOABLE AND SINCE IT IS DOABLE, IT IS ALREADY DONE for 2023 and Beyond. We desire to connect with our members on and offline! We have ministries that will minister to the entire family!


Building a family-friendly atmosphere 

 a place for each member of your family to connect

is important here to us at Alive Church! 


Below you will see a list of the ministries we have so far, and you'll also learn how to get involved. As we are constantly growing, we are adding new ministries and opportunities for members to connect with Pastor Roman D. and Lady E, both online and in person! 

Get Connected today! 


We are all about bulding the entire family here at Alive Church.  We encourage families to gather around a "create a space" in their homes to worship God together as they view our worship services. We also have fun events that the entire family can enjoy together.  We always ensure that our children have a great time with lots of fun games, activities and opportunites for everyone in the family to connect with others. 

Anchored Woman 

Anchored Woman is the women's ministry of Alive church, founded and lead by Lady E. Women get togther for "Check Ins" which are quarterly events just for the women and friends of Alive Church. Anchored Woman has an active community on Facebook. Ladies gather for fun, fellowship and sisterhood. Text "Anchored Woman" to 816-670-3684 to join in! 


Have teens? No worries, we've got you covered. Alive Church offers programs for teens who are 13 years old through 19 years old. 


 If you attend online, you'll find that Alive Church services are family-friendly. Your teens will love the upbeat worship, easy-to-understand preaching, and fun service elements. Plus, scroll down on this page to find online resources for families.


Our men's ministry is led by Pastor Roman D. The men gather quarterly for fun and bonding time as men.  There's an opportunity for the men to connect on and offline! Bros have fun activities planned and an annual fishing trip.  Connect with Bros by texting "bro" to 816-670-3684.