It's Time To Take New Territory

This series of lessons is designed to prepare our hearts to receive the fullness of the Prophetic Word. Our goal is to help every listener develop a "more than conqueror" state of mind to accomplish more and to bring about a timely manifestation of visions and dreams that are currently lying dormant. Furthermore, we aim to motivate every person to seize the moment of opportunity and take steps of faith to possess the promises of God.

Last Week's Sermon: "Thinking Outside the Box!"

Speaker - Pastor Roman D. Harris

It's Time To Take New Territory - Part 1 - 1/21/24

Are you ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level? Our lesson series is designed to prepare your heart to receive the fullness of the Prophetic Word. We believe that with the right mindset, you can be a conqueror and achieve more than you ever thought possible. Our aim is to inspire you to bring your visions and dreams to life and take action to make them a reality. Don't let this moment pass you by - join us on this journey, and let's seize the opportunity to possess the promises of God together!

It's Time To Take New Territory - Part 2 - 1/28/24

Pastor Roman D will combat the limiting mindset that hinders progress and development. We can relate to the story of the children of Israel and use it as a model to approach new opportunities. This message reminds us that success depends not solely on prophecy, promise, or proof but on the individual's mindset. I would need to address specific issues to achieve this.

It's Time To Take New Territory - Part 3 - 2/04/24

Are you prepared to explore uncharted territory and conquer new challenges? It all begins with your mindset. To overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and pursue your dreams with relentless determination, you must adopt a "God is Able" mentality. Accompany Pastor Roman D on a transformative journey that will empower you to conquer your limiting beliefs and unlock your true potential. Get ready to be your best self!

It's Time To Take New Territory - Part 4 - 2/11/24

The Time to Take New Territory" message is a call to action for individuals to achieve their full potential and add excitement to their lives. By doing nothing, you are still presented with a new opportunity for territory expansion each day; this message is about making the most of it.

It's Time To Take New Territory - Part 5 - 2/18/24

Unleash your true potential by igniting the fire of desire within yourself. This desire will serve as the driving force that propels you towards achieving your goals. It is important to have an honest and genuine desire to succeed. Your level of desire will be determined by your response to any opportunity, including those related to your spiritual journey. So, let your passion fuel your journey toward success and fulfillment.

It's Time To Take New Territory - Part 6 - 2/25/24

Have you ever faced a tough obstacle that made you question your thinking? 🤔 How did you deal with it? Did it influence the choices you made? Remember, every challenge is a chance to learn and grow. 🌱 I'm curious to hear about your experiences!

Pastor Roman D

Lead Pastor

Pastor Roman D and his wife, Lady E, founded Alive Church in 2020. He has a genuine heart for this city and its area's loss. He wants to see actual change in this area and will only stop once that dream is fulfilled. With the vision to encourage, educate, and energize people to come Alive in Christ by faith.