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Welcome to the empowering world of Lady E, a devoted advocate of ministering to the souls of God's women. With an unshakable passion for nurturing women's spirits, emotions, and careers, Lady E stands as a guiding light for those seeking holistic empowerment.

At the heart of her mission lies a commitment to helping women embrace their innate femininity while pursuing their aspirations in every facet of life. Lady E's journey led her to establish the Anchored Woman Community in 2017—a haven where women from all walks of life gather, united by their shared experiences and aspirations. A sanctuary of support and understanding, this community stands as a testament to Lady E's dedication to providing "A Safe Place for All Women."

Lady E wears multiple hats as a Life Coach, Mentor, Educator, and author of the transformative work, "Journey: A Guided Prayer and Vision Journal." Through personalized life coaching sessions, she empowers women to embrace the full spectrum of their dreams. Her insights and wisdom serve as beacons guiding women toward achieving their version of success.

Stepping beyond the conventional, Lady E is a firm believer that women can indeed "Have it All." Her teachings delve into the intricacies of balancing spirituality, emotions, and professional pursuits without compromise. Her Mentorship Mastermind is a testament to this philosophy—a space where like-minded women gather to learn, grow, and embark on their unique journeys to success.

Anchored Woman events, Master Classes, and the opportunity to join Lady E's Mentorship Mastermind await you here. Connect with a community that understands, learn from a mentor who leads by example, and take the reins of your destiny with Lady E's expert guidance. Explore the offerings, book life-changing coaching sessions, and embark on a transformative journey that transcends boundaries.

Welcome to Lady E's world—a realm of empowerment, support, and growth where you can truly embrace your femininity and achieve the life you've always desired.

What's Written is Real! 

Have you ever wondered what it means to “Write Your Vision?” Do you ever think about journaling but don’t know where to start? The Journal Your Journey Vision and Prayer Journal, will guide you in creating and manifesting the life of your dreams. You will be guided on how to create the dream life you desire, write it down and make it happen. What’s Written is Real! The guided questions, prompts, faith confessions and prayers will help you do the work needed to get clear about where you are going and the faith to watch it come to pass!

With this tool, Lady E has made it simple for you to learn how to Write your vision and get clear about the things you truly desire in your life! Order your Copy of Journey Today! 


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